Just around 7 years ago I was in Hokkaido.

Just around 7 years ago, I was in Hokkaido.

Just around 7 years ago, I was in Hokkaido. I quit my job and traveled inadmensely. At first I did not feel like going to Hokkaido, but until that time I was in Kyushu and got on a ferry to Otaru from Maizuru in Kyoto just because I wanted to go to the northernmost part of Japan. In Hokkaido in July, the sun in summer was in the same level as Honshu in the daytime but it is cold like a lie when the sun goes down. But the local people are short-sleeved shirts. I was strangely convinced that I was used to cold after all. At the end of the night. For a while, I hung out of Sapporo and Hakodate, and left for the northernmost tip. As soon as we could get out of the city, unexpected nature spread out. Is this really Japan here? I think that I think. I just headed north on the west side of Hokkaido. The road called ""Orolon Line"" extends towards the northernmost tip of Wakkanai. This scenery is ridiculous anymore. Tens of kilometers, or hundreds of kilometers, is almost like a straight line. Fortunately it was a mini car so I knew the speed, but the bike stepped out at a tremendous speed. People in Hokkaido also have a fast car pace. When I go out of town, I can truly be 100 km on ordinary roads. Certainly the traffic accident was also worst ... I feel like understanding that as well. Two days after leaving Sapporo, I arrived in Wakkanai. If you pass through the city, Cape Soya at the northernmost tip is a stone's throw. The cape at the end of the peninsula extending to the left was visible. Fucking high gasoline and refilling it to the northernmost tip. Cape Soya was a very mild place. I do not know whether the weather happened by chance at that time. It was quite different from what I had imagined until then. A little bewildered. Purchase certificate of reaching northernmost at shops and commemorative photograph. The weather was nice, so I could see the island beyond the sea. It certainly reached the northernmost tip, but I did not particularly impressed the location itself. But Hokkaido was a very nice place. The food is delicious, nature is full and it does not get jammed. I wanted to live if I could live.

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